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WTH? Chuck E. Cheese Encourages Gambling Among Our Kids?

14 May

The source of blogging inspiration never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been visiting my Mom for the past 2 weeks and haven’t had a chance to even think about an interesting topic to write about, let alone have a few minutes to jot down my lament.

However, when I saw this headline I felt an immediate need to add my 2 cents. Here was the headline:

Lawsuit Alleges Chuck E. Cheese Promotes Kiddie Gambling, Gaming Addiction

The basis of the lawsuit can be found in the article (which is linked) but the gist was a Mother became angry and decided to sue the infamous children’s birthday Mecca because the establishment encourages gambling among the youth of America. Now I must admit, I’ve been to Chuck E. Cheese maybe twice in my life. Ironically the last incident was for a birthday party of my nephews and I had the worst hangover on the planet. I swear God was laughing at me on that morning when I had to travel 2 hours to sit in this hell for an entire afternoon, on a Saturday, for a birthday party. That would be motivation enough to never drink again. Do I feel that Chuck E. Cheese encourages gambling among the youth of the nation? Ummm, let me think? No.

I equate Chuck E. Cheese with an arcade on acid. The tokens are overpriced, the food is not of this world (tomato paste on a cracker does not equal pizza) and the children sit at the feet of a giant rat. I can see parents complaining about the frenzy children get into over getting tickets for some cheap tacky trinket, but I hardly think the experience encourages gambling. Gluttony, envy and wrath may rise to the surface, but I hardly think the children have the seed of a gambling addiction planted due to a jaunt at Chuck E. Cheese.

Personally, the rat freaks me out. Why is he a rat? Not only is he a rat that is inhabited by a human wearing a costume, but also there are mechanical Chuck E’s that automatically start by some type of motion sensor. Why??!?! Oh and if you have never been, he’s like 6 feet tall. It’s unnatural. So I believe the more important question to answer isn’t if Chuck E. Cheese is encouraging your child to gamble, but what does fueling the adoration of a six-foot rat teach our kids? And if that isn’t bad enough, all I could think of was Pleasure Island. (Click For Details: Disney’s Pinocchio Pleasure Island). I was just waiting for the kids to start sporting donkey ears and tails. Let the braaaaaying begin!

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